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Our First Bridal Consult: What To Expect

Bridal consults are important, and one of my favorite parts of my job! But you might feel a little nervous to schedule one because you may not know what you’re signing yourself up for. I want to walk you through the process so that you 100% know what to expect from the first time we meet before you book!

But first, you might be wondering, what is a bridal consult and why have one?

A bridal consult is our first initial meeting, usually before even booking. I love meeting in person, but if that isn't possible, video chat works great! I like to set up a bridal consultation the so that we can get to know each other, discuss plans more in depth, talk about what packages options work best for you, make sure you know what to expect while working with me, and answer all the questions you probably have! I am always 100% transparent with the booking process & client experience because I want you to feel confident in your choice of wedding photographer, and I want to exceed your expectations. This is why a bridal consult is so important before choosing a wedding photographer.

Here is how it works:

Pre-consult: After filling out the contact form on the website with your info and a summary of your plans, I will reach out to you ASAP (within 24 hours) to give you 2-3 recommended customized packages to fit your needs based off the info you give me in the form. If you think one of those packages may be the right fit, we schedule a bridal consult!


Bride AND groom are invited to the consult! (Remember, I'm a professional 3rd wheel!) I like to meet in person to go get a smoothie, because YUM. But if that's not possible, Zoom is always a great app to use, especially now that we are all too familiar with. ;) Here is what we will go over:

  1. Get to know you! I want you to tell me how you met, how he proposed, how wedding planning is going, some fun facts about you, or really anything to get to know you individually, and as a couple, of course! I wanna be your hype girl!

  2. Get to the fun details. I want to know what the key points and the parts of your wedding day that are most important to you. This will help me to know which package option would best fit your needs to make sure all the important moments are covered, and also help me be more prepared in capturing the wedding day.

  3. What to expect. We'll talk about what you can expect leading up to the wedding day (including sessions prior to your wedding day), what you can expect from me on the wedding day, and how it will go after the day is over and your photos are delivered. I even like to show you a sample album of a wedding day I've shot so you know exactly what your finished product will look like, and see the platform you'll be using to access your personalized album.

  4. Go over payment, deposit, and contract details. This doesn't necessarily mean I think you're 100% set on booking with me, because I know it's a big decision to make together. I want you to be prepared and know that if you DO choose me, you will already know everything that I will need for the booking process with no surprises.

  5. No pressure! There is absolutely no pressure to book after a bridal consult! Some couples sign the contract right then and there, and some wait to talk things over. Just see how you feel. If you haven't made the decision by the end of the consult, you can let me know when you have. I will touch base with you a couple of days after if I haven't heard back just to check in because I know wedding planning (and life) gets busy. After you've (hopefully!) decided we get to work together, I'll walk you through every step after that to make the process simple & stress-free! (That's what I live for!)

I hope that you now feel more confident going into a bridal consult, and I cant wait to hear from you soon!

To request customized package options or schedule a bridal consult, click here!

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