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we're heather & kyler lovell

(Yes, Lovell = Simply Lovelly!)

She's photo, he's video.

We work with AMAZING brands to give them photo & video that will convert followers into customers and explode their business! We are passionate about serving small brands because we are one. We know what it's like to wear all the hats. We want to support small brands to be the most successful they can be by helping you create clean & consistent content for your business. With our variety of backdrops and stylish props within our cozy home studio, and our wide selection of models, we can make your already gorgeous products & brand be brought to life! 

We want to be your biggest cheerleaders. We want to help you explode your business. We want to shoot your brand!

We get it, your business is like your baby, and you do so much! We want to support you by taking one more thing off your plate, and making this as easy as possible. Simply send us your products, and we will take it from there!


We make sure the beauty of your products shine through by providing vibrant and true to color edits. Our creamy & airy style will make sure your products look like the best version of real life.


We specialize in making sure your products are showcased in real-life ways so that your followers are converted into customers from seeing your products in action. 

Relaxed Posing

Editing Style

The Experience

content on content on content

Sick of not having content to post? Scrambling at the last second just to post something? Stressful last minute photoshoots & quick iPhone photos for launch day sound all too familiar?


We feel you. Seriously.

NOW imagine receiving a gallery full of gorgeous lifestyle & flat lay images and 4k footage that showcase your products perfectly, all from a simple session, always scheduled right when you need it, well before launch day!

This is why we have crafted the perfect subscription packages you need for your brand. Let us take the stress and planning out of content creation. With the content we provide as often as you need it, you'll have endless opportunities for posting on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, shop platforms, websites and more. 


15% Off All Items


contact us and tell us about your brand

pick your package or create your own with us

sign a contract & fill out a questionnaire all about your brand and product

send us your products & we will arrange a shoot just for you according to your needs

receive a full gallery filled
with gorgeous
images + video within 14 days of shooting

it couldn't be easier!

Let's Work Together!

We've created simple packages with your needs in mind. All packages come with a mixture of lifestyle and styled flat lay photos.



up to 10 products and 2-3 models, flat lays &/or models, 40+ images

$400.00 or $300.00/month


20+ raw 4K video clips for $200



up to 20 products and 2-5 models, flat lays &/or models, 75+ images

$650.00 or $500.00/month


40+ raw 4K video clips for $300



up to 45 products and up to 10 models, flat lays &/or models, 200+ images

$1200.00 or $1000.00/month


50+ raw 4K video clips for $400

Are you new here?
Try our trial session for only $250!

**includes up to 10 products, 2 models, 30 images. includes flat lays, models and 5 video clips

let's chat!

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